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Poems, Musings, and more Writing

Enjoy poems, musings, and other writing that sprout from from the Earth and our divine connection to her and each other. 


By Michelle Adam


The corn tassels arch their backs toward the sky

as their leaves, once a soft emerald green,

bow to the ground in brittle surrender to a breeze

carrying winter’s darkness

on her shoulders.


This ancient seed of corn sprouted, once again,

purple, beige, yellow,

a muted blue,

and gave herself in all her colors, before, now,

returning to the earth and the collective memory of her belly.


I give thanks to this harvest,

to an ancient memory of giving and receiving,

of honoring all that has been,

all the spirit that has risen,

once again,

to give the gift of life, before death and renewal return.


I give thanks to the walls of earth that make my home,

to the blood whose river brings me life,

to this heart that belongs

to all hearts that have

drummed with mine,

to spirit, and her guides of many, that have opened me to this place deep inside.


I give thanks as winter approaches,

As darkness comes forth to prepare the seeds

of next year’s harvest,

I give thanks to you, to you, to you, to this place,

where I stand, in full embrace

of your ancient gift.


By Michelle Adam


When you wake one day

and realize this isn’t about you,

and you and you and you,

you will be free, 

you will get your 

place inside this

mess we’ve made,

you and I having 

woven our pain 

through these

luminous threads 

of love throughout eternity.


Your fierce heart will be like a drum beating with an eternal love for the beloved

below your feet,

for she whose wind

combs your hair,

for she, whose giving sprouts

empty you of want,

for she, whose waters

quench your thirst,

for She and She and She,

who is everywhere, 

inside you, and out,

pulsing, pulsing, pulsing a heartbeat, a determined, forever-giving heartbeat

through all of life. 


Give your life to her, 

as She has to you,

your beloved, your beloved

waiting, waiting, waiting

 inside you.


by Michelle Adam


The wonder expanded before my eyes as I walked with new sight among wildflowers, yellow butterflies flying in couples, and white rocks coated in green and velvet skin. The ants built their holes in mounds as trees jutted out from the mountain cliffs. The calming wind danced a breath through delicate stalks of plants and the sun's light and shadow sketched this world of perfection into being before my eyes.


I had returned to that place of a child with an  understanding in my entire being that we have created this world. You and I, and every plant, animal, sun -being, cloud, mountain crack, seed of earth has created this wonder from one large source of energy that yearns to become, to create, to dance and to discover its beauty in its many forms.


I was on this land that had not lost her perfection, her way of being, her color, texture, smell, size. Everything around me was an expression of this masterpiece, and we were all a part of God, that essence that dreamed this world into being. 


We are the source, the energy and spirit that came into form to to marvel and live and love the beauty that we are with everything else that has formed itself from the formless. As I walked an ancient path, I got that I am free to be, to love, to really dance the magic that I am and all that surrounds me.


By Michelle Adam


I gave you all of me.

I gave you the trees that called forth the rain.

I gave my sea, my 

desert and wide-open grasses.

I gave you mountains that sprung from my belly,

I gave you fire, stone, hot liquid and gases

so you could fly.

I gave you my children sprouting from seeds,

I gave you nourishment, warmth and shelter.

I gave and gave and gave

you all my love.

And you?

You just want more and more.

And more.  And more. 

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