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Children's Stories: Adventures with Duende Series

ADVENTURES WITH DUENDE IN THE OCEAN is a story of an elf who takes a boy on a journey into the ocean. It’s the 1st in a series of adventures that are about honoring and caring for our Mother Earth, and includes letters from animals in the ocean that children will be asked to write back to (or, if younger, they can draw). This bilingual story (it is in English and Spanish) is made up of 13 beautifully illustrated story cards presented in the Japanese Kamishibai format that was used to tell Japanese Folk Tales inside small box stages in the parks in the 1930s. This format offers children 5 years and up a chance to become theatrical storytellers; provides parents and teachers an interactive approach to storytelling; teaches children about the earth (with letters from animals included); and it invites our youngsters to become earth stewards (through future Duende Clubs). It may even inspire your child to create their own story and cards! For more info. on purchasing your own story or on storytelling events, contact the Author at or see the product sales below.  

ADVENTURES WITH DUENDE IN THE FOREST is a story of an elf who takes a girl on a journey in the forest. It’s the 2nd in  this series of adventures. It tells the magical tale of an elf, Duende, who invites a girl to explore the worlds above and below the forest floor. This story is bilingual, rhymes in 2 languages, has interactive song and includes 7 bilingual letters from the plants and animals in the forest. Also available for purchase below. 

9A_Whale (1).jpg

Illustrations by Christiana Cook 

"Nico was certain that the little man was real. He was as real and bright as the stars in the sky when he arrived in the boy’s dreams smelling of salt and sand." 

--Adventures with Duende in the Ocean  

Duende and I, 1.jpg

Stories from the Earth WORKSHOP TESTIMONIALS


 This workshop was such a beautiful experience. I grew so much as a person. Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive teacher. I felt very held in this class as I was transported through a journey of nature and self discovery. There was just enough structure to understand the tasks and really push the project forward but an openness, understanding and support that allowed my own creative voice and process to emerge. My greatest lesson was in learning the growth and self-esteem building that can happen as an adult through creative processes. The experience was beyond just a storytelling workshop.   
-Jill Farrant


I would recommend this workshop because it’s very interesting, dynamic, and fun. Little by little, Michelle Adam leads you through various activities (beautiful poems, videos, music, questions, comments, reflections, etc.) and when you least realize it, you are already writing a story that has life, strength, feeling, emotion, and creativity to it. 

My perspective changed in different ways. I became more sensitive to the wonderful natural world that surrounds us and more grateful for everything it gives us at every moment of our lives. It was a very interesting process because first Michelle Adam sensitized us to put soul into our story. With a warm and simple way, she helped me feel confident and made it is easier for my creativity to flourish. This reminded us of that genuine love we feel for nature… of how many times we’ve been amazed by the beautiful landscapes, the rainbows, the flight of butterflies, the immensity of the sea, the sunsets, the majesty of the mountains, the beauty of animals, and the majesty of the moon. This is about recognizing that we are also as part of this great puzzle that is nature.     
-Claudia Zamudio

My favorite thing was being able to draw and make my own story. This workshop really changed my perspective on life and on nature! 
-Miguel Zamudio (9-years-old)

The Children's Hour Radio Program

Illustrations by Christiana Cook 


Adventures with Duende in the Ocean      was recorded live with Katie Stone on The Children's Hour, an international radio program for children, on Saturday, December 18, 2021. Credit to: The Children’s Hour Inc producers Katie Stone & Christina Stella.





Here's a link to its airing on the Children's Hour: My story begins at 25:38 and finishes as 37:40. 



Michelle Adam captivates kids with her unique storytelling artistry. In our work together for The Children’s Hour radio show and podcast, she was able to pivot her performance to audio only, and the results were masterful (


During our broadcast recording, Michelle engaged with our "Kids Crew" of intrepid journalists aged 5 to 18. She was able to explain the puppetry style and rich cultural history of this art form, as well as the meaning of the story and its own place in our compendium of ancient folktales. I can only imagine how much more our Kids Crew would have gotten from the experience, if not for the pandemic keeping us on Zoom. I highly recommend Michelle Adam for any program that would provide lucky students the opportunity to work side by side with such a creative and groundbreaking artist.

Katie Stone

Executive Producer

The Children’s Hour





"Michelle took us on a unique story adventure captivating us with her elf puppet, Duende and the beautiful storybook set up in a little mobile theater from the Japanese Kamishibai tradition. I had never seen this type of theater set up and loved seeing the children's delight as they followed the story. Being outside in the Railyard park made it even more magical."

Juliet Staveley

Early Childhood Educator

Railyard Park Conservancy

Santa Fe, NM


2023 NM, Storytelling Events: 

April 1: Bachechi Park, 10-11:30a.m, 9521 Rio Grande Blvd., ALBQ

Storytelling at Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors Blvd. NW, ALB, NM

Sept.23, 3:15: Hispanic Heritage Celebration.

Nov. 11, 12-1: Crane Festival

Storytellers of NM Tellabration: 

Nov. 18, 4-7p.m., Larry P. Abraham Agri-Nature Center, 4920 Rio Grande Blvd., ALB, NM


*If you are interested in scheduling a storytelling event, please contact me at:

505 923 0649   OR  OR 



Stories from the Earth

April 15, 29, 2023​ (Saturdays 9a.m.-1:30p.m. PST, 12-4:30 p.m. EST) (2 online classes, 4.5 hours each Sat.) with OMEC (Olympic Mountain Earthwisdom Circle) 

· Expand your imagination in relationship to nature.

· Awaken a soulful, indigenous journey within yourself and the earth.

· Explore different writings and stories told from the perspective of nature as the main character and discover connections to nature through writing prompts.

· Experience creativity, wonder, and home through a hands-on, interactive class.

· Create & tell stories as teaching tools for self growth and inspiration for future generations.  

 For more information on this OMEC workshop, see:

*TO SIGN UP for this workshop:

Fill in the form below the products form and pay there are well. 

If you wish to create a custom-designed workshop for your organization, please contact me at:

505 923 0649   OR  OR 



April 8, 2023, 12-3 pm, training workshop for Spanish teachers. 

Materiales, recursos para el desarrollo de la comprensión de lectura y la expresión e interacción escritas en el aula ELE:

  • La imaginación y la creatividad en la lectura a través de cuenta cuentos “Storytelling”

  • Explotación de recursos, materiales y actividades (lecturas graduadas).


THANK YOU to all who made 2021-2022 great storytelling and workshop years. Here are a few places in New Mexico (and beyond) we've been:

Los Lunas Elementary School, Los Lunas

Neighborhood Nature Festival,

Open Space Events, Albuquerque Parks

Santa Fe Library, Southside, Santa Fe

NM Humanites Council, Storytelling on Grief and Loss, Fairview Cemetery, SE, ALBQ.

SOL Forest School, Storytelling Workshop, Tijeras, NM

Instituto Cervantes, Summer Camp Storytelling workshops, The National Hispanic Cultural Center, ALBQ


Children's Adventure Company, Santa Fe 

Mountain View Community Center, ALBQ

Mesa Verde Community Center, ALBQ

Vista Grande Community Center, East Mtn.

Santa Fe Railyard Market, Santa Fe

Las Padillas Community Center, ALBQ

Westside Community Center, ALBQ

River Talks Event, Santa Fe

Bachechi Open Space, ALBQ

Albuquerque Open Space, ALBQ.

Rio Grande Nature Center, ALBQ, 

Albuquerque Folk Festival, Bosque School, ALBQ

Elena Gallegos Open Space Amphitheatre, ALBQ

Oralidad Festival, Cervantes Institute, National Hispanic Cultural Center (in Spanish), ALBQ 

KUNM, NM, My children's story, Adventures with Duende in the Ocean, aired on The Children's Hour radio program on Sat. from 9-10 on KUNM in NM, and on nationwide radio programs.

Duende Letters:

Check out these amazing letters written by children to the animals of the ocean! Click here to see more letters from different children: 

Splash Letter.jpg
Storytelling, 1.jpg

"Mr. Squirt flipped the two up and up, sending them to the ocean’s surface and then back down."

Adventures with Duende in the Ocean  

      Purchase your own Story Cards:

This includes:

-13 beautifully illustrated Kamishibai cards (15" x 10.5" each)

- Behind each illustration is the side-by-side bilingual (in English and Spanish) story of Adventures  with Duende in  the Ocean AND Adventures with Duende in the Forest.

- The writing on the back is big enough to use for storytelling and includes speaking notes for the storyteller. 

- Each story card set includes 5-7 letters written from the ocean animals and forest plants and animals in each story. 

big cards.jpeg

Illustrations by Christiana Cook 

Product Photo Forest 1.jpeg

- Children are invited to write or draw back to the animals and plants and send letters to them (Duende, the ocean elf, will hand deliver the letters to the animals, and some of the children's select letters will be posted on this website (on the Duende Letters Page).

PRICE: For only $35.55 (shipping to be determined, or, if local, it can be delivered in person to save on shipping. Please email me at  

      Purchase your Unique Flip Book:

This includes: 

-13 beautifully illustrated pages (10" x 7 3/4" each)

with the bilingual story on the back side of the flip part of the book. 

-Can be hand-held for bedtime storytelling or stand up on it's own on a table.

Two stories are available in the Flip Book Format: Adventures with Duende in the Ocean AND Adventures with Duende in the Forest.

Add to Cart below.      

small book FINAL.jpg

-Includes 5-7 letters written from the ocean animals and the forest plant and animals presented in the story. Children write back and learn about the animals. 

PRICE: For only $24.75. Media mail or regular mail prices offered. 



“Michelle’s Duende stories are a delight for children and adults alike! Through these adventures, listeners are exposed to our oceans and forests, as well as new geographical locations. The Duende stories also weave in science, naturalist knowledge, and lessons of empathy, all delivered in a child-friendly way. And perhaps most importantly, these Duende stories remind us of the sacredness of natural world and offer invitation to reconnect with this world."  


Sally Stevens, MA

SOL Forest School Director

ANFT Shinrin Yoku Forest & Nature Guide

Michelle Adam is a dynamic and highly engaging storyteller. When she presented at our outdoor venue last season, she delighted folks of all ages with her unique way of telling a story! The artwork in her Kamishibai box is mesmerizing and she brings the story to life with charisma. Adults and kids alike were smiling ear to ear, participating every chance they could. Her method is not a sit and get passive experience either—you feel like you walk away with a new friend in Duende, the main character, even writing him a letter at the end of the story.” 

Marnie Rehn

Bachechi Open Space Caretaker

Cottonwood Gulch Outdoor Educator 

6Squirrel (1).jpg

Small Title

Illustrations by Christiana Cook 


Illustrations by Christiana Cook 

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