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about Michelle adam

Michelle Adam is an experienced writer, teacher, and healer. She published her novel, Child of Duende, in 2016, and recently released her Spanish version, Niña Duende, after twenty-plus years as a magazine and newspaper writer. She will soon release a Portuguese version with a publisher in Portugal, and a Spanish version in Spain with a publisher there. Her articles have appeared in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine; Hibernia Magazine, an Irish magazine; Vista Magazine, a Hispanic insert of major national newspapers; and multiple other publications. Michelle has also been a photographer and artist; has taught middle and high school students Spanish for the past dozen years; and has worked as a healer and shaman. Michelle has created healing and teaching circles of song and sound, assisting others in awakening the spirit of the earth, “duende,” within them, and creating a space for the celebration of life. 


For more information on Michelle's teaching and healing work, see Teaching, Healing, Ceremony.


For information on her novel, check out Child of Duende.


For recordings, interviews, and samples of Michelle's work, click here.


For a sample of Michelle Adam's articles, go here.


TO CONTACT MICHELLE ADAM, please click here.


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