Book Events, Teachings, Gatherings, and Ceremonies

Niña Duende, the Spanish translation of Child of Duende, traveled  to Spain this June, 2019! Here are some images from my events in Madrid to Murcia, and Málaga to Granada: 

 2018 Events 

Launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Spanish-translated novel, Niña Duende: Un Viaje del Espíritu. Cuento con Flamenco, Boutique del Libro, Adrogué, Boulevard, Shopping, Dec. 28, 2018. 

Storytelling and Flamenco in Taos, NM   


What an incredible evening in of Storytelling and Flamenco in Taos, NM on June 23, 2018, NM. About 65 people joined me and Flamenco Guitarist and Singer Ronaldo Baca and Dancer Catalina Rio-Fernandez for a truly magical and soulful evening at SOMOS Org. Thanks all for making this a time of deep connection honoring the earth, our community, and my novel, Child of Duende! 

Book Signing at Coas Books, Las Cruces, NM, June 20, 2018

Storytelling to Child of Duende

at Three Sided Whole gathering of Shamans

in the desert in NM on June 2, 2018. 

2017 Events

Shamanic Writing Workshop 

... in collaboration with  Children's Author Burt Kempner on November 4, 2017, at Tortuga Gallery in Alb, NM

Buenos Aires, Argentina Novel Reading to Flamenco Guitar and Writing Workshop, May, 2017

Writing Workshop at Kel Ediciones in Buenos Aires for  on June 6, 2017. A great evening! 

(More books available at Kel Ediciones) 

A turnout of 80-plus for my novel reading to Flamenco Guitar on May 26, 2017 at 5:30p.m. at Kel Ediciones, Buenos Aires.

Jan. 21, 2017 (4-6 p.m.):  New Year's Sound Healing, Journeying, Shared Toning, Story Event, NM 

Barnes and Noble Event

Jan. 28, 2017 (1-3 p.m.):  Barnes and Noble, Coronado Mall) Book Reading and and Flamenco Guitar and Song

2016 Events

(Spring and Summer) 


August 16, 2016: BookWorks Reading,NM

July 28, 2016: Page 1 Books Reading,NM

July 22, 2016:  Village Books Reading, Bellingham, WA 

* July 22, 2016: Bellingham Event, WA 

July 16, 2016: Port Townsend Event, WA

July 28, 2016: Page 1 Books Reading,NM

* June 11, 2016: Novel Book Launch (40 attended)

April 6, 2016Earth Journey of Spirit & Sound Gathering.