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Children's Storytelling Events and Workshops. Details available on the Events Page 


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 Michelle Adam is an advanced Pranic Healer, having studied with Masters Stephen Co and Greg Toews energy healing for emotional and physical conditions. As a Mesa Carrier and earlier student of the Peruvian Andean tradition, she also practices Shamanic Medicine. Michelle brings to her work more than four years of training with Martin Prechtel, a renowned author and teacher who had been an elder and shaman of a Mayan Village in Guatemala. In addition, she is a Level II Reiki Master, and has studied herbal medicine and other healing modalities. She provides indiviual healings, group healings (as part of classes and ceremony), and has offered her services at the local Albuquerque Pranic Healing Clinic.

Teaching Experience

Michelle Adam has been offering spiritual classes and earth-honoring ceremonies for the past years. A student of Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkash, a Grammy Nominee and pioneer in the field of sound, transformation of consciousness,  and music shamanism, Michelle has been weaving song and sound healing into her teachings. Michelle has studied earth-honoring songs with Madi Sato, a New Mexico singer and sound healer of native traditions, and has also learned ceremonial practices and teachings from indigenous traditions such as the Lakota, in addition to having been a member of a Kiva ( an earth-based room of New Mexico Pueblos for spiritual practices), engaging in prayer and song. In addition, Michelle has taught Spanish to primarily middle and high school students, as well as adults, for the past dozen years.


 "It was a fabulous experience which opened the pathways to removing the blocks preventing us from writing out deepest feelings! Michelle you have such charisma & such a joyfully Spiritual essence that I could feel the dimensional doorways open to your Majestic guidance! I surely look forward to more interactions and especially mentorship! --Rico Moreno on Shamanic Writing Workshop

"Thank you for an amazing Workshop!" --Manuel Gonzalez, Poet Laureate of Albuquerque, NM, on Shamanic Writing Workshop.

"With the healing I received, I experienced a realization of my true love for myself. The sun she told me to experience in my belly has really helped me in radiating my own energy instead of sucking up everyone's energy. She helped me feel safe in my own skin and to release the past."--Cassandra Gurule on healing.

"Lots of fun and relaxing! "--Connie Cox on Shamanic Writing Workshop

"I have truly enjoyed participating in the eclectic spiritual practice Michelle brings in ceremony. Her focus on clearing energies, and opening chakras through vowel intonations has been most helpful for my soul's awakening. I truly appreciate celebrating together in spiritual practice."--Linda Elizabeth Peters on multiple workshops, ceremonies.

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