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Michelle Adam -

Michelle Adam


Explore and awaken the world of duende, the spirit of the earth within each one  of us, through Michelle's novel, children's stories,  teachings, healings, and ceremonies.

Children´s Story: Adventures with Duende in the Ocean 

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ADVENTURES WITH DUENDE IN THE OCEAN is a story of an elf who takes a boy on a journey into the ocean. It’s the 1st in a new series of adventures that are about honoring and caring for our Mother Earth, and includes letters from animals in the ocean that children will be asked to write back to (or, if younger, they can draw). SEE Children's Stories for more info. and storytelling events.

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Illustrations by Christiana Cook 

Illustrations by Christiana Cook 

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Paco’s voice slid deep into the smoke-filled room. Silence
sifted into the space between his breaths. Crying with the
anguish of a people who had left their homeland centuries ago, he carried a song that still knew its way inside the heartbeat of the earth. Eight-year-old Duende listened. Twenty-eight-year old Ingrid barely remembered this mysterious melody that came from within.


In the small village of Málaga, on the coast of Spain,
where the Mediterranean Sea separated Europe from Africa, from the Arabic cries of “Allah,” and from the Jews’ search for their homeland, Paco and his Gypsy song remained. Duende, raised in this culture, knew this song and its origin, yet Ingrid, tossed into the modern reality of separation, had yet to find her way back.

This is the story of both, woven together by magical vines carrying

 the blood of the earth and a forgotten way of living. 

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Now available in Spanish and Portuguese!

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The corn tassels arch their backs toward the sky


as their leaves, once a soft emerald green,


bow to the ground in brittle surrender to


a breeze carrying winter’s darkness on her shoulders.

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